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XIan Mathematics

One of a KIN...

All KINs without exception are universally naturally occurring phenom.

KINs as a calculating tool are most commonly comprised of  intra corresponding tables of measure, or assessed values and meanings, calculably represented by symbols placed within thereby creating the KIN and its potential uses.

The window to the right shows the simplest of the XIan KIN tablets. This Kin is used primarily as a calculator of distances, masses, velocities, mutual and isolatary presence factors, values, and compositions - a sort of universal pocket calculator.

The columns you see are not actually how this particular KIN is arranged. KINs are inherently three dimensional, but a few principles can still be displayed in this two dimensional layout.

The factors in Purple are called SEINs.

The factors in blue are called SYNs.

The factors in green are called SOHNs.

The factors in pink are called DEESs.

The limitation of value encompassment is called a SYKE.

One SYKE of this KIN is 1-19 not 0-19 nor 0-20.

This SYKE encompasses 18 DEES, 19 SOHN, 19 SYN, and 19 SEIN.

Now, as if you are not yet confused, any SYKE has within it a presumed infrastructure unless otherwise is required due to some determinant factor (the SYKE of our sample KIN is comprised of nineteen SEIN).

This presumed SYKE infrastructure is as follows.

One SYKE is comprised of two SEIN.

One SEIN is comprised of three SEK.

One SEK is comprised of five DOHN.

One DOHN is comprised of seven DEEIN.

One DEEIN is comprised of eleven TAHR.

One TAHR is comprised of thirteen TOOAH.

One TOOAH is comprised of seventeen......Get The Picture!

There is no need to subdivide the SYN, SOHN, or DEES because their values will always be proportionate with the SEIN subdivisions.

You may have noticed a few areas in this KIN where some of the numbered values of the SOHN and DEES columns bear a certain distinct relativity to one another. These relativities are called KEELAHs and the places where they occur are called PAAHs and the location of the PAAH is determined by the BYS of the KIN.

                                One More Time?           No Problem.

You should keep in mind that a KIN is a physical three or more dimensional object that self exhibits its qualities. Thereby exhibiting the interactive qualities of what ever its components are or are comprised of. A KIN can be created from any group of factors - think of it as an extremely versatile slide rule.

A BYS is any essence, nuance, or inherency of a KIN.

A PAAH is the place of occurrence of exemplifiable interaction of various BYS.

A KEELAH is  the exhibited phenom of the KIN's interacting BYS.

The KEELAHs in this sample KIN are far more numerous than you may first notice. And even more KEELAHs will appear in the KIN if the encompassment of the SYKE were increased to 100 SEIN.

You may note that the 18SEIN and 17.5SYN have no easily noticeable exhibition of there relativity. Yet by simply doubling the SYKE to 38 SEIN suddenly the relativity of the 18SEIN and the 17.5SYN can be almost perfectly observed in the relativity of the 36SEIN and the 35SYN.

Lastly, STRAHIE is the path or paths of reference or references when using a KIN. For example a notation of sequential entries could be equally notated by KIN type and STRAHIE route through the KIN.

                                                                                       - Dr. XI Lee


Imaging and research provided by the Seven Palm Kung Fu Research Institute of Technology.


        80        61       19


        77        59       18


        70        53       17


        67        51       16


        58        43       15


        55        41       14


        50        37       13


        43        31       12


        40        29       11


        33        23       10


        28        19        9


        25        17        8


        20        13        7


        17        11        6


        12         7         5


         9          5         4


         6          3         3


         4          2         2


         2          1         1


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