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Learn To Play Guitar Right Now!

The Major Scale Sequence.

You can find the notes needed to play any chord by using the Major Scale
Sequence as a slide rule of chord structures. A "C chord" C E G shown in upper
portion of diagram below. Notice the spacing between the occurrence of the notes
are the same as in the "A chord" A C# E shown in the lower portion of diagram.

Whole Step - Whole Step - Half Step

Whole Step - Whole Step - Whole Step - Half Step

Whole Step = Two Frets       Half Step = One Fret

All chords are based on this formula! Piano, Cello, Guitar, Choirs, etc.


Let's build an "A" Chord by creating a Triad.

Beginning at "A" start pacing your way along the string and count the number
of the note . . . 1st   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th   and  7th.

"A" Whole Step - "B" Whole Step - "C#" Half Step - "D" Whole Step - "E" Whole Step - "F#" Whole Step - "G" Half Step


E F   G   A   B C   D   E F   G
B C C# D  D# E F  F# G G# A  A# B C C# D
G   A   B C   D   E F   G   A  
D   E F   G   A   B C   D   E F
A  A# B C  C# D  D# E F  F# G  G# A  A# B C
E F   G   A   B C   D   E F   G

Remember we are utilizing only the FIRST, THIRD, and FIFTH notes which we
encounter during our sequential countin
g to create a perfect "A Chord".

"A"    "C#"    "E"   =   "A Chord" Triad


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